Twidol was born from an idea back in 2014 to provide a win-win solution for both gym users and fitness facilities around the world. With rising complaints about gym contracts and memberships, gym users have become increasingly frustrated and unhappy at way the industry still operates in respects to extremely confusing gym contracts.

Welcome to Our aim is to bring you affordable fitness now! We want to be the biggest and simplest gym membership network of fitness clubs, and fitness users around the World. We want to revolutionise the fitness industry by overcoming the barriers and obstacles that have been inherent within the fitness industry since the Jurassic age.

No longer will you be held back by boundaries, limitations and convoluted membership contracts that you will have to fight tooth and nail to get out off. Our mission is to make fitness simple, affordable, flexible and fun by offering everyone who wants to look and feel amazing, access to any of our thousands of partner facilities around the world by only charging users an affordable per-visit day rate and nothing more!

Users can now visit any listed facility wherever and whenever they choose without signing single contract! For total fitness freedom that is affordable, flexible & fun, register at and let’s revolutionise fitness membership together!and let’s revolutionise fitness membership together!


We are, the simplest route to fitness freedom. 

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