is a simple to use access platform and smart-phone app designed with the intention of allowing people to workout at any fitness facility in the Twidol network, without the pesky need commit to a long term membership agreement at any individual clubs. offers you access to gyms & amp; fitness clubs around the world by offering you great rates without any contracts. Is that not enough for you? Well it’s not enough for us either. Hold on to your hats, because we will soon be announcing even more benefits with preferential rates and related discounts. Keep an eye on our site to find out when!

We don’t want your money, we want you! It is 100% free!

Absolutely not! You pay when you go, it’s as simple as that. We negotiate rates with every club within our network in order for you to get the best discounted rates possible for whatever club you use.

Nope! Just sign-up and get started, it’s that simple.

Not at all, we don’t want to hold you back in any way.

Here’s the thing, exercise is good for you, we all know that, but sometimes people accidentally push themselves too hard. The PAR-Q is a great first step to moving towards better health. It is designed to help identify those few who may have health issues that will affect their ability to work out, or those that simply need medical advice on what type of fitness plan is right for them. The clubs within Twidol network needs to be reassured that ALL Twidol users have satisfied the insurance requirements by being screened.

So maybe you don’t want to fill out the PAR-Q, that’s your choice. We don’t want that to stop you from moving forward with your fitness. If that is the case, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will do our best to find an alternate solution for you that meets the same standards as the PAR-Q.

Let’s not burden our wallets with yet another card that we are just going to lose in a month anyways. Your app confirms your payment and acts as your ‘virtual’ user card that can get you into any of the clubs within our platform. Now just don’t lose your phone!

If it’s on, it’s yours for the taking

Pick a spot on the map, anywhere on the map. If there’s a club there, your membership will work. It doesn’t matter where it is!

Do you want to search by location, type of club, or type of facilities? You can do all three if you just go to and select ‘Find a Club’

Oh by the way, for your convenience, you can now also search our in-app Google search facility to find other gyms & clubs in any location,around the world that are currently not listed on

No reservations are needed to go to the gym, but depending on the club, you might have to make a reservation for the classes. If booking options are available for individual clubs, it will be indicated under the listing. Just contact that club to make any necessary reservations.

How else are we going to know how we are doing? We use your reviews of the clubs you visit to provide a detailed perspective for other users. This helps us recommend facilities, and help other users decide where they want to work out. We also help the individual clubs know how they are doing, by anonymously providing them with your feedback. That way, everyone can work harder to make improvements, and give you the best experience.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app at “Apple App Store” ( For all Androids the app is available in the “Google Play Store”

We are once again using our favourite price of FREE! Not a single penny is needed for our app.

Like most people these days, we use PayPal. This of course comes with all the protection you expect from the most popular online payment service. However, other methods of payment will be available such as Apple & Android Pay not to mention Visa too.

It’s not necessary, but it might be a good idea to maintain a balance that equals the average cost of a single entry (about £10.00). That way, if you have a boost in motivation, there is nothing stopping you!

We do a lot at, so we are sure you have more questions. Just go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will answer them all!

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